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"I'm a Loser," "Help," "Strawberry Fields," they are all personal records. I didn't really enjoy writing third person songs about people who lived in concrete flats and things like that. But because of my hang-ups and many other things; I would only now and then specifically write about me. On this album, there is practically no imagery at all. I was consciously writing poetry, and that's self-conscious poetry. So I could have gone on, it was like a Christmas card list: where do I end? It had just got out of hand, and Beatles was the final thing because I no longer believe in myth, and Beatles is another myth. It's over, and we gotta – I have to personally – get down to so-called reality. I'll be able to tell in a week or so what's going on, because they [the radio] started off playing "Look At Me" because it was easy, and they probably thought it was the Beatles or something. Well, that's the one; "God" and "Working Class Hero" probably are the best whatevers – sort of ideas or feelings – on the record. You see, I don't believe in Dylan and I don't believe in Tom Jones, either in that way. There is nothing else to do: you smash the place up, and you insult everybody. I've got a whole studio at home now, and I think it will be better next time, because that is even less inhibiting than going to E. So the only folk music I know is about miners up in Newcastle, or Dylan. We started ad libbing and goofing about, but then I cut it there and just exploded, it was a good joke. I thought it was just poignant that we should blow up the Houses of Parliament. That's the way you have to make the decision: when it sounds reasonable."Isolation" and "Hold On John" are rough remixes. There is a tremendous body of philosophical literature about God as a measure of pain.

But the poetry on this album is superior to anything I've done because it's not self-conscious, in that way. When did you become aware that that song would be the one that is played the most? Why did you choose or refer to Zimmerman, not Dylan. But we were groomed and we dropped all of that and whatever it was that we started off talking about, which was what singing . In that way I would be influenced, but it doesn't sound like Dylan to me. Do you get embarrassed sometimes when you hear the album, when you think about how personal it is? You see, sometimes I can hear it and be embarrassed just by the performance of either the music or the statements, and sometimes I don't. Like just before it's coming out, I can't bear to hear it in the house or play it anywhere, but a few months before that, I can play it all the time. Sometimes I used to listen to something, Buddy Holly or something, and one day the record will sound twice as fast as the next day. I used to have that: one day "Hound Dog" would sound very slow and one day it would sound very fast. I just mixed them on 7 1/2 [ips, a conventional home tape recorder speed] to take home to play and see what else I was going to do with them. On the song "God" you start by saying: "God is a concept by which we measure our pain.

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