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These are all of them more or less fossiliferous, the principal forms being oysters, Coriula, turbinate Gastropoda ; and in Kooaree Beyt, among beds ranging from soft raggy sandstone to hard sandy limestone with low curving southerly and westerly dips, many highly fossiliferous layers contain Cidaris spines, Trigonia, Natica and Nerinea. Near the intrusion dark altered shelly bands and traps, intimately associated, occur, having an appearance as if some of the aqueous beds had been melted by contact while the traps were being intruded. They ex- hibit a general form, very much like that known in some monophyllie ( 353 ) 4 WAAGEN : CAUBONIFEEOUS AMMONITES, &C.

SOLD AT THE GEOLOGICAL SUEVEY OFFICE, OFFICE OF SUPERINTENDENT OF GOVERNMENT FEINTING, AND BY ALL BOOKSELLERS ; LONDON : TRUBNEE & CO. 'iq64^» OAICTTTTA : OPPIOE OF STTPEEr NTENDEKT OE GOVBENMENT PEIim NGt. There are also red and rusty shaly beds with ripple marks, eonglomeritic, and thin shelly bands throughout ; but the predominant varieties are white or light coloured sandstones often flaggy. Some of the erratics from this trap having much the look of gray syenite suggest the slight possibility of a rock of this kind having furnished the boulder found by Captain Grant in the river near Jam-koonrea, which he describesj however^ as identical with the Parkur syenite. The most characteristic distinction consists in the lobes.

The Dome C core is said to have reached 740,000 years (740 kyr), but just recently it has been drilled down to the 900 kyr age level.

You can read more about the issue of ice cores in the new book Ross makes it seem that annual layers were counted to many hundreds of thousands of years in these ice cores.

The laterites are earthy, compact or nodular and scoriaeeous look- ing, sometimes so highly ferruginous as to be- Laterites. The spurs and projections in which it is seen afford on a small scale good illustrations of the denudation of hills. The Putehum islandj out in the centre of the Runn, is traversed by The Putchum Kala ^^° somewhat east and westerly chains of hills. Above them follow everywhere limestones and green marls, with the Ceratites described by Koninck ; Bellerophon, however, goes higher up into the Ceratite beds. 3 It is not without some doubt that I refer the thin-bedded marly calcareous series with Cephalopods to the carboniferous period^ though it seems certain that At Jii/ris Roissi/i, L'Ev., Athjris m Uilita, Hall, Produc Uis costatus, Sow., Prodiictus longispinus, Sow., and Produdus Ewnloldtii, Orb., have not as yet been stated to occur in any other but carboniferous beds. The general form of the shell is somewhat flattened, lenticular, the siphonal side is broadly rounded, the umbi Ueus small.

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He emphasizes that the Milankovitch climatic cycles, as well as the deep-sea core off New Zealand, “match perfectly” with the dates from the ice cores.

Ross summarizes with what he thinks is irrefutable, simple evidence that anyone can understand: There are a host of problems with Ross’s simplistic understanding of ice cores.

The well known proponent of “progressive creation” and “millions of years,” Hugh Ross, claims that the “old age” of the earth derived from ice cores is a scientific argument that “…may be simple enough for everyone to understand, regardless of science background—as simple as counting tree rings.” He lists the three new deep ice cores from on top of the Greenland Ice Sheet—the North GRIP, GISP2 and GRIP cores—and the three deep ice cores from the top of the Antarctic Ice Sheet—Dome Fuji, Vostok, and Dome C. brown hoi', hjael eyes, easygoing, happy, content, hobbies include Indian bead work, reac&ig, looking ror SWM.

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