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Your problem is that you want to do a method call but instead you're creating a Regexp.You're searching and replacing strings consisting of the string "160" followed by any character and then the string "chr", and then doing the same except with "160" replaced with "194".0,,"""A\xc2\xa0majority of Canadians can and has been wrong before now and will be again.\n\n Unless you're supportive of the idea that nothing is full proof or perfect so you take your chances and if we should inadvertently kill your son or daughter then them's the breaks and we can always regard you as collateral damage like in wartime - and sorry, but\xc2\xa0the cheques in the mail.""" 0,,"""listen if you dont wanna get married to a man or a women DONT DO IT.Note that UTF-8 can represent many more characters than ISO-8859-1.Trying to convert a UTF-8 string that contains characters that can't be represented in ISO-8859-1 to ISO-8859-1 will garble your text and/or cause characters to go missing.When I convert the returned document to ANSI or UTF-8 it disappears altogether.I couldn't find any info on it in the HTML:: Element documentation either.

A more appropriate name for it would be "iso88591_to_utf8".There is still plenty of support in the Republican base for repeal, even as support for the Senate health care bill has been slipping and intensity of support in the base is modest.But this new poll finding suggests that even if Republicans lose ground with some in the base by failing to repeal the ACA, they could make up for it with Trump supporters, Republicans and independents who want to see them work across the aisle on ACA fixes.The bottom line: It looks like Republicans could neutralize a backlash from the base if they give up on repeal and work with Democrats.

What it means: A poll finding like this probably says more about current views of Washington than the ACA; the public is generally frustrated with partisanship and wants elected officials to work together.

In fact, applying this function to text that is not encoded in ISO-8859-1 will most likely simply garble that text.