Stopupdatinglocation problem

25-Nov-2017 17:09

Deferring the delivery of location updates while the app is in the background.I'm writing an application that requires background location updates with high accuracy and low frequency.You can also use a location manager object to retrieve the most recent location and heading data.A location manager object provides support for the following location-related activities: Tracking large or small changes in the user’s current location with a configurable degree of accuracy.Getting user location every n minutes after app goes to background i OS Not the typical background location tracking timer issue i OS long-running background timer with "location" background mode i OS full-time background-service based on location tracking but I have yet to get a minimum example working.After trying every permutation of the above accepted answers, I put together a starting point.The problem I'm having is that sometimes this stops getting called.

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However, improper or unnecessary use of location can prevent the device from sleeping, keep location hardware powered up, drain the user’s battery, and create a poor user experience.

If you release the location manager instance, you're basically deallocating the object that just called you.

as this is the method that gets called with each location update.

Follow best practices to optimize use of location services for energy efficiency. Doing so automatically stops location services once the request has been fulfilled, letting location hardware power down if not being used elsewhere.

Location updates requested in this manner are delivered by a callback to the With the exception of navigation apps that offer turn-by-turn directions, most apps don’t need location services to be on all the time.

Reporting heading changes from the onboard compass.

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